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Search engine optimisation services are crucial for Canberra businesses who want to increase qualified traffic to their website. If you sell a product or service in Canberra, our SEO experts will help you stand out and reach your target market more effectively through our search engine optimisation campaigns.

Partner with the best SEO agency in Canberra and get revenue-generating results. We provide cutting-edge search engine optimisation services to businesses and deliver a measurable return on investment for our clients every day.

Our ultimate focus is providing you with top quality service to support and promote your brand.

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What are the benefits of SEO to Canberra businesses?

Search engine optimisation is the technique of helping search engines find, understand, and index information while also giving the best possible user experience (UX), which increases your qualified traffic.

Our SEO experts will work with you to determine how your target market uses organic search and then optimise the off-site and onsite web elements vital for increased online search visibility.

Over 200+ factors impact how a website ranks in search engines. We utilise a wide variety of SEO techniques that improve the onsite user experience while guaranteeing that search engines can crawl and index content easily.

By incorporating SEO into your business, you can:

  • Increase your organic visibility online.
  • Grow your online visibility to find more potential customers.
  • Increase the qualified traffic to your website or store.
  • Increase your conversions and revenue.

How Our Canberra SEO Service Helps Your Business Thrive

Martins Digital Marketing Canberra SEO Services

Our agency can help increase your revenue with SEO campaigns specifically designed for your business. We analyse and review the following critical SEO factors to offer the best service possible to our clients. 


    • Keywords optimised 
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword selection
    • Competitor analysis
    • Content development 
    • Content creation
    • Keyword mapping to target pages 
    • Content mapping to target pages
    • Title tag optimisation
    • Meta description optimisation
    • Internal linking opportunities
    • Header tags optimised
    • Ecommerce SEO
    • National SEO & international SEO
    • Image optimisation
    • Robot.txt implementation
    • XML sitemap creation & submission
    • Content creation 
    • Content optimisation
    • Google My Business creation & optimisation
    • Information Architecture Analysis
    • Canonicalisation analysis
    • External link review & disavow
    • Link redirect audit
    • Duplicate content analysis
    • On page analysis
    • Local SEO services
    • Custom error page (404) setup and optimisation 
    • Schema application
    • Google Analytics setup & conversion tracking
    • Google Analytics traffic analysis
    • Ongoing monthly keyword ranking reporting
    • Ongoing monthly traffic, cost per lead & goals reporting
    • User experience (UX) reporting (bounce rate, device, and more.)


Contact us to work with a results-driven digital marketing agency. We’ll help you reach your business goals

Our Tactical Approach to SEO

We use data-driven SEO strategies to direct quality customers directly to your website.

Comprehensive Audit

Every SEO plan begins with a meticulous examination of your website. We evaluate your current situation, appraise existing content, spot keyword gaps, and design a scalable game plan. We are constantly searching for optimisation possibilities to increase your leads, traffic, and income.

Dedicated Project Manager

Outstanding customer service and happy clients are essential to us. You will be assigned a professional project manager who will walk you through the process, discuss your business goals, offer answers, and solve all your concerns.

Targeted Keyword Research

We'll use keyword research tools and data from your website to discover what keywords are critical to your company. The best possible return on investment, not just traffic, drives our keyword choice.

Competitor Analysis

We collect a comprehensive picture of your strongest competitors and their marketing strategies to know what strengths and weaknesses to target.

Technical SEO

On-page optimisation accounts for around 20% of your SEO results. We'll enhance page load speed, metadata, pictures, internal link structure, and site architecture.

Backlink Profile

We'll investigate your current backlink profile, remove toxic and destructive links and develop a comprehensive link development plan to improve your website domain authority.

Content Creation

The blueprint to SEO success is relevant content marketing. After we've identified your competitors and target keywords, new content is created and uploaded on an optimal schedule for google to increase organic search visibility. We will create and manage a content schedule that will serve as the basis for your organic content strategy.

Tracking & Transparent Reporting

We'll send you monthly reports on your keyword rankings, organic traffic and many more important metrics. We judge the success of your SEO plan based on traffic, leads, sales, and growth.

Get Results

We know SEO is expensive, but we generate revenue for our clients, making our service fees look like child's play.

Always Optimising

We are never happy with the status quo. There's always more revenue and market share to gain. By optimising what is currently working we can scale your business rapidly.

Why Choose Martins Digital Marketing Over the Competition?

We Never Compromise on Quality or Results

SEO Canberra FAQs

All Your Important Questions Answered

Our Canberra SEO team are always focused on your return on investment. We deliver highly relevant traffic to your website by creating quality content optimised for the right keywords for your business. We also provide link-building and technical SEO expertise.

Customers and business owners like SEO because it is more helpful and less invasive. Instead of annoying trusting customers with pushy content on social media, we provide quality content that addresses their unique search queries. We’ll figure out what your potential consumers are searching for and put your business in front of them at the right moment to deliver the best SEO results.

Search Engine Optimisation focuses on the customer. You are not cold calling, sending spam emails, or interrupting potential consumers with annoying pop-up ads; instead, you rank high naturally on search engine results pages for your products or services.

Whether you want to generate local, high-converting traffic to your online business with a focused local SEO Canberra strategy or break into a national or international market, we can help you create a strategy for your success.

No, we’re not. Unfortunately, there are huge risks connected to cheap SEO services.

Companies who charge a meagre price cut corners and use what are called black hat techniques. These techniques fall foul of Google’s best practices and, when discovered, can get your website severely punished. Often these techniques will give you overnight results but once found by Google, your website will quickly get penalised, and your website might be unable to rank on their search engine for a long time.

This will be very expensive to fix and drastically harm your online presence.

Our primary focus is always on ethical, “white hat” techniques that maximise your ROI. That’s why Canberra businesses look at our SEO strategies for actual revenue-shifting results.

Unlike Pay-per-click (PPC) and social media, SEO offers your company long-term digital assets. This means that most campaigns, on average, will take at least four to six months to start showing actual results. Of course, it can always be more or less, depending on how competitive your industry is. At our initial audit, we’ll get a better idea of how competitive your industry is and tailor your custom strategy accordingly. 

The upside is that SEO generates ongoing long-term, quality leads to your organisation even after paid ads and social media campaigns have ended.

In comparison to other digital marketing strategies, search engine optimisation continues to produce a return on investment for weeks, months, and many years after your initial expense.

Our Martins Digital Marketing SEO services can be adjusted and scaled as your business grows. We’ll create a structure that supports your current business goals while also allowing you to develop and adapt in the future with both long-term and short-term digital marketing services. 

Seo is constantly changing because Google updates its algorithms daily

That means that “quick win” SEO techniques are no longer as successful as a few years ago due to new Google algorithm updates. 

That is why our SEO professionals value longevity more than “quick wins”. 

It also means that any great SEO team is always up to date on all the new Google algorithm changes and what that may mean for your business in the future. 

We prioritise your business in all of our decision-making, ensuring that our SEO agency adheres to Google standards and future-proofs your website against future algorithm revisions.

Keyword selection and use are significant onsite SEO ranking factors used by search engines to decide how high your website will rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Performing and executing data-based keyword research across relevant website pages will drastically affect your company’s online visibility and website ranking.

Our agency’s approach to SEO includes understanding profitable keywords, keyword rankings, keyword density, and rigorous competition keyword research. Working with our SEO experts, you will be working with the finest SEO agency working in Canberra. We know precisely how to leverage keyword usage to drive your long-term business goals and growth.

No, we never do.

There’s a lot of marketing consultants in Canberra competing for your business. Many of these are large and understaffed digital companies that like to push “quick wins” to businesses all over Canberra, and they use black hat methods that can quickly get you penalised by Google.

We don’t use black hat techniques like dodgy link building and keyword stuffing. We only create high-quality content and high-quality links to target potential customers and drive qualified traffic to your website.

Our successful SEO strategy is designed to provide a significant return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We help small, medium and large Canberra businesses increase traffics, leads, and revenue. Working with us, you’ll work with enthusiastic, highly skilled SEO experts who will help your business thrive using only ethical and top-quality SEO methods.

There are many effective SEO techniques, and these are the most popular:

Keyword Research: SEO involves researching the best keywords specific to your products and services. An excellent place to begin searching for keywords is by using tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs. These allow you to compare the different types of keywords people are searching for and see how competitive they are. 

Targeting the right keywords increases the chances that your page appears near the top search rankings when people enter specific queries into the search bar. This process takes time and effort, and at Martins Digital Marketing, we are more than happy to provide this as an essential part of our SEO services. 

Backlinks: When websites link back to your web pages, it helps increase your online visibility among search engines. It signals to search engines that your website is trusted and an authority in the marketplace. 

There are two different types of backlinks: internal and external. Internal links come from other pages of your website, while external links come from other websites. Both play a vital role in helping your website appear closer to the top of search rankings.

Social Signals: Search engines regularly look at the amount of likes and shares a particular post or page receives. Having a lot of quality content that consistently gets shared on social media such as Facebook or Twitter increases your chances of being at the top of SERP’s. 

Quality Content: Producing informative original pages and blog posts with the correct search intent in mind are the best way to draw attention from search engines. Adding relevant keywords throughout your text and having compelling content that engages users shows Google that your website is worth a spot at the top. 

Many factors determine pricing for SEO services Canberra. Our agency offers different services and costs depending on your business goals and challenges. Talk to one of our SEO specialists today, and we can custom-tailor a budget and campaign to meet your needs. 

Industry – If you are in a highly competitive market in search engine traffic or commerce, you will need to invest more to ensure our team has all the resources necessary to compete in your industry. 

Target Audience – If you have many target audiences or a national audience, you will need to spend extra money to reach them.

Goals – Your SEO prices can also be affected by your business goals and how quickly you want to reach them. SEO fees are more extensive if your goals are more significant and wide-reaching. 

Location/s – A local Canberra SEO strategy will always be different from a national, state-wide or global campaign. Especially if you have multiple locations, including franchises, things can get complex. Once again, the more resources necessary to conduct your campaign, the higher the SEO services fees. 

Keyword Research – The related keyword and search volume research will impact how much you spend on a solid SEO campaign. You will need to spend more cash to rank higher in search results for competitive keywords. If your keywords are less competitive, the prices start to drop.

Quality Of Content – Does your website contain lots of timely, relevant and original content targeted at the right keywords? Google will consider your website inactive if it has out-of-date or irrelevant content. As part of your Canberra SEO services, we will create new top-quality content to increase your website traffic.

While it may be tempting to focus only on the dollar figure, we recommend looking at the overall value you get in return. Search engine optimization is a considerable return on investment, and our clients see their revenue increase and cover the cost of our services many times over.  

Are you a lawyer, plumber, electrician, real estate agent, restaurant, or do you have a brick and mortar location? If so, then local SEO can be an excellent way for your business to attract customers in the area. Local searches are usually more specific than national ones and will help people find what they’re looking for right down the street from their home or office. 

Local SEO refers to getting your products and services in front of potential customers within a specific geographic area, such as Canberra. The aim for this type of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very straightforward—to make sure that people who live near you or visitors can find what they need no matter what they’re searching for.

Just as in an organic SEO campaign, this local-focused strategy uses high-quality content, keyword research and link building to create a better user experience.


International SEO is all about optimising your website for different countries and languages. It’s like geotargeting, but instead of targeting people in one area (the city/state), you’re aiming at worldwide audiences.

If you’re looking to create a wholly internationalised ((one that specifically targets a different country and a different language) website, there are three essential steps you need to take:

1)If you want to reach people outside your own country, specify your target country and region using an international-friendly URL format.

2)Use language codes to target specific languages for your web pages.

3)Write for your audience using their native language.

These are the things that help you get ranked internationally.

Don’t have time to do it all? Talk to one of our friendly SEO experts to discuss how we can help you go global. 


Yes, it’s one of the most critical aspects of your business. SEO will give you more customers, higher conversion rates and better rankings on search engines like Google if done correctly over time.

With our help, you can achieve your marketing objectives faster and with less risk. We offer affordable packages for Canberra businesses looking to invest in SEO to get the most out of it without spending too much money at once or taking years off their project timeline.

A successful digital marketing strategy should include both PPC and organic SEO. If you need quick results, like with product launches, for example (and don’t have time or patience for the long process of ranking organically), Google ads is an ideal choice.

Instantaneous results may come from paid advertising (PPC), but long term benefits often come through organic search engine optimisation (SEO). Every time someone clicks on a paid search result (e.g., Google AdWords), they get eight times as many clicks from organic results (e.g., Google). Even though users have to scroll past the paid results to get to the organic listings, they are still more likely to click on an organic search result. According to one study, more than 40 percent of revenue comes from organic traffic. SEO is a long-term process that can bring long-term advantages.

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